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< Thirst > is a level 25 friends guild on Horde-DB formed in July 2013, based on the idea of creating a home for social, like-minded and talented people who have a professional approach to the game but possess a casual/laidback attitude. The guild has opened its doors to find more of us out there. Mostly known for rated PvP, the guild has now also expanded into PvE and world PvP. We are located on Defias Brotherhood (EU), a RP-PVP server with full-population status, a ratiowise well-balanced realm for world PvP and a healthy competition between and within both factions.
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Legion is coming.

by Ceireen, 386 days ago

As many have noticed, Thirst is now officially AFK till Legion!
There is still a bunch of us still playing casually and enjoying our time in warcraft, but for the time being we have decided to take an official break from guild activities. A lot of people are taking their breaks 'till Legion and waiting for new challenges to come, while we have still open doors for skilled and friendly players that match some of our basic requirements. We've had amazing times raiding and RBGing our way up the charts, and hope to do so again in Legion! 

For any interests in regards to the guild, please contact our officers in-game and have a chat with them. :)

See you soon.

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Maidens HC and normal Blackhand! 10/10N 8/10HC

by Ceireen, 756 days ago

Great night for us with two-shotting heroic Iron Maidens and a guild kill on normal Blackhand! Our progress is now amazing 10/10N and 8/10HC for Blackrock Foundry! 

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Kromog HC

by Ceireen, 765 days ago

After a long fight we did what for a minute seemed impossible - we have gloriously downed Kromog! Rest in peace, while we head down to the bottom towards Iron Maidens. Great kill people!

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Flamebender & Operator down!

by Ceireen, 772 days ago

Tonight we started raid with oneshotting Flamebender Ka'graz and making our way dodging trains and bombs to the victory over Operator Thogar!
Good raid tonight, bunch of loot and some nice tier pieces to our hard grinding slayers. Kromog - here we come.


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Oregorger HC

by Ceireen, 777 days ago

Oregorger has rolled his last rolls and now lays to rest in his cave. And it was glorious kill, although few people might still feel like they got hit by a truck even tomorrow morning. Great job everyone, bring your fire extinguishers for tomorrow - we're flaming it on at Flamebender!

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3/10 Heroic progression

by Ceireen, 779 days ago

Tonight we have downed Hans'gar and Franzok yet again, only this time on Heroic, along side with TBC monster Gruul. Progression looks really good, fight mechanics seem bit more complicated than some of the Highmaul fights we progressed, but overall rather interesting and keeps our hands full through the raid. Very interested to progress towards Oregorger that we had few tries on! Looking forward to downing that reptilemonstrosity. 

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Blackrock Foundry is open!

by Ceireen, 783 days ago

Blackrock Foundry has finally opened it's doors and instance portal to our ogreslayers and we went in nice and smooth.
Our progression has started by oneshotting Hans'gar and Franzok, alongside with Beastlord Darmac on normal difficulty,
and another Beastlord kill (with few tries) on Heroic! We'll be back soon.

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Mythic: Twin Ogron down!

by Ceireen, 798 days ago

Congratulations all raiders for the kill! We have finally downed Twin Ogron after few tries and learning curve, may that fire ever burn as painful!


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Mythic Kar'gath

by Ceireen, 807 days ago

Thirst has officially killed their first Mythic boss as a guild group!
And we are still recruiting holy and retribution paladin, ww monk (with mw o/s), eleshaman (with resto o/s) and/or a boomkin!

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Thirst 7/7 Heroic guild clear! Recruiting for Mythic.

by Ceireen, 812 days ago

As heroic Imperator falls as a guild kill, we're ready to progress on Mythic! Congratulations everyone for the progression, it's been a good run. 

While we sharpen our claws and swords, to expand our mythic raiding team, (7/7H) is looking for a holy and retribution paladin, ww monk (with mw o/s), eleshaman (with resto o/s) and/or a boomkin. Steady progression and casual atmosphere while we raid on Tue/Wed/Sun 20:15-23:15. Apply to the guild now or contact us in-game for more info!

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